Warning: This page isn't framing all people of the occult for evil and specifically the activity discussed, it simply recognizes the popularity of this quality.

Typically followers of Satan create very disturbing images and material that often offend and provoke, though their defense is often that they're simply gathering attention this in larger higher level Satanists is false. The images in question often effect the person through gradual desensitization and "thought poisoning", something the Bible refers to as a hardened heart.

However it isn't always the case that the propagandist (occultist) will direct their media towards only adults or those capable of understanding it completely, youth are targeted as well and 95% of all media in the United States is controlled by merely five giant corporations. This means more time for the corporation to damage and create "consumer habits" within children, examples bellow illustrate this and sitting down watching material for young adults illustrates the subliminal and adult messages.

Examples Edit

Caution: Not all images will be from children's media and are from adult media to illustrate how innocence within the occult is subverted majorly.

Within films by Walt Disney one can see how innocence is subverted and the identity of children is adulterated highly, the adults are often removed and the children are treated as adults and even step upon the parents authority. This is treated as normal behavior, children wear revealing clothing and it is encouraged, they are forced by caretakers to win contests which lead to fear and shame within the child. This is treated as normal.

In rarer occasion's on adult entertainment children are depicted in a very sexual manner like something that is encouraged to sexualize or beings who freely murder to survive. Albums focus on subverted innocence.

Not only for children but also for other themes and areas.

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