The Symbol of Baphomet - pentagram

The Universal Symbol of the Satanic Church.

The Symbol of Baphomet, also known as the Goat of Mendes or Satanic Pentagram, is the universal symbol of the Satanist Churches. This symbol is an inverted 5-pointed star or pentagram with a goat inside itself.

Symbolism: Edit

  • The two points upwards, or the horns, symbolizing the break with Christianity
  • The point downwards symbolizes the center or Hell, is Satan.
  • A circle within a circle.
  • Notice that there's a goats head within the star, symbolizing the Scape Goat in the Old-Testament which is the story of when the people of Israel where to put the sins on a scape goat and send it off into the wilderness and that will atone them for their sins. When you're puhed by Satanists into Satanism they use the scape goat in the Old-Testament of how poor Lucifer was kicked out of Heaven by God and all he did was ask why God had the throne. So now everything that's a sin that humans has to be blamed on someone, and we blame it on Lucifer/Satan, so in Satanism Satan is refered to as the scape goat.
  • Notice that their are keys going around the outside of the circle, that is actually a writing and it's called Enochian keys and is older than sanskrit. Those keys spell out a word, that word is Leviathan which is the creature from the abyss in the book of Joe. [1]

Resources: Edit

[1 ] An Ex-Satanist discussing how Satan puts Satanic and occultic material in your home, and the symbols of Satanism.