The Pentagram

The Pentagram.

The Pentagram, also known as the Pentalpha or Pentangle or a Star Pentagon. Is the Universal symbol of Witchcraft. The reason it's called a pentagram is because it's a 5-pointed star and if you were to draw the lines where they intersect with each other they'd form a pentagram.

Use by Witches: Edit

Witches wear these symbols or draw the symbol on the floor or an area beneath them where they can stand, than stand within the pentagram and summon spirits such as demons. And charge the atmosphere around the circle that holds the pentagram from the outside and believe that by lighting candles on each points of the star, standing within it, and charging the atmosphere that as long a they're inside the circle they're protected.

However, this is a false belief. Demons don't need the summoner to draw a symbol on the floor if they really did want to attack the summoner. This is yet another false belief created by Satan to decieve summoners and keep them in bondage by making them think they're in control of the situation. And not Satan himself, but the Witch being in control so the Witch thinks they have control over spirits which creates confidence in the Witch to continue magick. [1]

Resources: Edit

[1] An Ex-Satanist discussing how Satan puts Satanic and occultic material in your home, and the symbols of Satanism.