The Hexagram

The hexagram.

"But let justice flow like a river. Let goodness flow like a stream that never stops. People of Israel, you did not bring me sacrifices and offerings while you traveled to the desert for 40 years. But now you have to carry with you your king, the false god Sakkuth, and Kaiwan your idols of your other star gods you have made." --Quote from the Book of Amos 5:24-26.

Also falsely known as the Star of David, or more likely the Star of Bale, exactly as it sounds this symbol is used to cast hexes or other forms of black magick. It comes from the Jewish Cabala or Jewish Magick, and is a symbol of dark summoning.

Dark summoning meaning if you want to cast a hex on someone or bring a spirit forth there is no other better symbol to use. It will never be the Star of David, again Satan uses this to trick Christians and other people into believing a false claim. As never in Scripture does God instruct David to make a symbol, especially a symbol like this.

When King Solomon had this temple built he had it built by the citizens of the land Tiree, Tiree worshipped the God known as Bale. [1]

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[1] An Ex-Satanist discussing how Satan puts Satanic and occultic material in your home, and the symbols of Satanism.