"You can't rape the willing." --quote by Rue after raping a possessed woman.
"Katniss, kill President Snow. You, must. Kill President Snow. I'm Rue." --Rue who thought that the character similarly named Rue is a dedication to the Demons who've fallen in the Rebellion of Heaven. Saw from a young 14 year old girl who was reading "The Hunger Games" series.

Rue is a little known demon in the World of Demonology, and the demon of rape. When Rue rapes his victims he often does so violently and leaves the victims hurt and, unlike what rape culture has depicted over the years, said to be in state of agony both during the rape and after it as the victim of the rape is left crying. Rues method of rape involves raping his victims at random times in a day and like many demons of rape even in front of friends and family who are terrfied as they watch the demon do the deed on the helpless person.

It is unknown if Rue also works as a incubus, for more information of a sexual spirit see the page Incubus and Succubus.

Rue possessed a women on June 2011, but was cast out of the women by Jess Parker who works at TDS Ministries located at Church of Glad Tidings in Yuba City, CA. [1]


[1]  A Minister teaching about alters, or demons using Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) to their advantage as a cover-up. The demon also was joined with Abaddon who's the demon of Destruction and another demon disguising itself as an alter with the likely false name Dawn.