Lilith is believed to be not only the first Succubus but also the first woman to be made, even before Eve. Succubuses are maidens from the burning Hells that have beauty beyond imagine. They are said to seduce the male humans and literally suck out there life force out of there bodies to survive, though occultists say this isn't true.

She's said by Satan himself to be the favorite of his five Brides, which he told to members of the Occultic Religion Satanism.

Lilith is not one to be summoned. She appears to whom she chooses on her own. One of her sacred symbols is the owl.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Immortality - Lilith is immortal and will live forever.
  • Invulnerability - Lilith cannot be harmed by Earthly means. 
  • Flight - Lilith can fly through the Heavens with her demonic wings.
  • Seduction - Lilith can seduce any man with her sexuality.
  • Soul Consumption - Lilith consumes the souls of men to gain strength.
  • Dream Walking - Lilith can invade people's dreams.