Guardian Demon, formally known as a Protector to those whom they're suppose to protect by most spiritual beings, is the exact same thing in-definition of a "Guardian Angel". However they're followers of their Master Satan instead of God (Yahweh/Jehovah) or Jesus Christ the Lord. The concept was created by Joy of Satanist member high-priestess Maxine in response to a friend who she was working on a Ouija Board with. So they asked if there was a Guardian Demon for her, and the planchette spelled out G-U-S-H-I-O-N. [1]

These demons have an interest and do want to make contact with us, and are happy to contact you.

Their JobEdit

Before the individual becomes involved or aware of the works for their Guardian Demons his or her main job is to bring the person closer to Satan. Often learning of the individual during these tasks, for example how to mimic him or her often this comes in handy when a medium or other person similar to that in expertise tries to contact the deceased individual when they die. Through not only do Guardian Demons pose as the person a medium or the person trying to contact the deceased but many demons do this as well, the demon will try to pose as the individual.

There job according to Maxine's Satanism is to be a protector to us. Lead us closer to Satan, guiding us, comforting us, and if we're good in our ways of Satanism bring us gifts. There true job is to inform Satan of us and lie to us, they're great liars and are an example of the very friendly angel guise.

They'll help you with the Satanic religion and how to better relate to Satan when you're new to the occult, they're a recommended demon to summon. If you use a Gurdian Demon

These demons definitely want you to know of them and contact them, and are happy to come into contact with you.

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