Devil in smoke twin towers

Notice the figure from the 9-11 tower in the smoke, it has the horns. The goatee, and all the expected wear of the Devil. There are other pictures of spirits similar to this emerging as well.

(In Satanism these spirits are known as "Fire Spirits", see demon).

Fire Spirits are sacrifical spirits in the occult, they are occassionally emerge but are seen as hoaxes or coincidences by people.

In Popular MediaEdit

Pokemon Snap Nintendo 64 Gameplay, Volcano Level

Pokemon Snap Nintendo 64 Gameplay, Volcano Level

At 0:16 a figure appears from the smoke and appears to look like Koffing, which is a Pokemon. However, it is clearly a fire spirit-like being programmed into the game by the creators.

  • In the game Pokemon Snap, if the player throws a smoke bomb directly inside the Volcano on the start of the Volcano stage. A spirit or as fans call "figure" of the Pokemon Koffing will emerge,from the Volcano and growl at the player. In-game this is known as a sign and the player must find it in order to pass the level to get to Mew. [2]
  • A fire spirit appeared from the burning 9-11 tower, it was billowing
  • In an experiment if you take a Metalica album, pray over the album than burn it, if done correctly many red spirits will emerge from the album because the blood of Jesus has gotten on the cursed object of the Satanic band. This can also be done with many other Satanic bands like Black Sabbath and their CDs, see Illuminati.


[1 ] Former Satanist explains the event of 9-11 and the "Fire Spirit" shown emerging from the towers.

[2] The Website/Wiki Bulbapedia explaining the so called game and has an area bellow with the sign.