This is a page about the commonly asked questions one might have about the occult and its members, if one of your questions aren't answered please comment bellow and I'll answer your question:

Will Joining Make Me More Power, or a Better Person Edit

--Remember to put quote from Supernatural TV series here about joining the occult and it feeling like cocaine--

The opposite. The "power" that you receive from Satan is an illusion and is as addictive as cocaine causing members who wish to leave the inability to and the inability to let other members have the choice of leaving. In many occultic practices sacrificing is common place, particularly of the young (please see our reference article "What Happens at a Satanic Sacrifice"), thus making you far worse a person than you are now.

How Many Members Are in the Occult Edit

There is an innumerable amount of occultists and individual satanists around the globe.