The Sigil of Alloces.

(Also known a Allocen, Alloien, and/or Allocer).

  • Zodiac Position: 15-19 degrees of Sagittarius
  • December 8th to 11th
  • Tarot Card: 9 of Rods
  • Candle Color: Green*
  • Animal: Bat *
  • Plant: Sage
  • Planet: Uranus *
  • Metal: Bronze *
  • Element: Water *
  • Rank: President
  • Alloces governs 36 legions of spirits and is a Night Demon.
  • Alloces rules over a "public" meeting house in Helll where communities of Demons gather to discuss and plan community events for their areas. These Demons specialize in architecture and art. *

He provides good familars, teaches astronomy, and the liberal sciences. He can be sent to revenge secret enemies.

He has a deep hoarse voice and is loud in speaking. [1]


[1] The article with information about many demons, including Alloces, by real Satanists and summoners.